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Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally occurring in our body. Chemically, it consists of glycosaminoglycan, an important component of diverse types of connective tissue.


Hyaluronic acid is noticeable for being able to bind a large amount of water: One gram binds up to 6 litres. The vitreous of the eye, for example, consists of 98% water and 2% hyaluronic acid.

More Information

The best molecular ratio of high, middle and low hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight is a relatively big hyaluronic acid compound which does not pass through the barrier of the skin.

In the process of evaporation, however, it creates a film with keratin which moisturises the skin and improves its elasticity.

Low-molecular hyaluronic acid and oligomeric hyaluronic acid can pass through the skin and, there, stores additional moisture for a long period of time.

The effect: smoother and younger skin and visible reduction of wrinkles.

HYASPA HYALURONIC ACID uses the best molecular ratio of high, middle and low hyaluronic acid to achieve a comprehen- sive moisturising and anti-wrinkle effect from the inside and the outside and to increase skin elasticity.

In addition, the concentrate of one-percent TRI-Hyaluronic acid actively supports absorption through the skin.


The pure and natural juice of bio-aloe barbadensis

The plant extracts-ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE used in the natural and vegan cosmetic product HYASPA HYALURONIC ACID are purely organically grown.

Thus, we ensure that our products meet the highest stan- dards of quality.

The pure and natural juice from the leaves of organically grown aloe barbadensis provides additional moisture and serves as a carrier. HYASPA HYALURONIC ACID, therefore, is also suitable for dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

Furthermore, the juice from the leaves of the organically grown aloe barbadensis is a natural antioxidant, which furthers the regeneration of collagen and possesses anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Thanks to the manifold effects of organically grown aloe barbadensis, HYASPA HYALURONIC ACID is not only suited for all types of skin, but it also gently cleanses impure skin.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid is a vital ingredient of our diet. This essential vital substance can also be effectively used for skin care to fight against the signs of time.

Science has already proved the outstanding effectiveness of vitamin C for our skin.

The effect of vitamin C in face care:

  • Protection from damaging influences and processes due to an antioxidative effect
  • Lightening and prevention of aging spots
  • Supportive stimulation of the formation of collagen
  • Improvement of the skin’s elasticity, renewal and smoothness
  • Mitigation of existing wrinkles and protection against new wrinkles

Sunlight, exhaust fumes, smoke, alcohol and by-products such as breakdown products of natural metabolic processes in the skin affect the skin. This process called oxidation destroys cells and tissues, it weakens the skin and makes the destruction of the collagen molecules easier, which facilitates the development of wrinkles.

Vitamin C in HYASPA HYALURONIC ACID is a natural antioxidant which prevents this damage and protects the skin.



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